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Today in our sales meeting, we spent some time with the independent third party inspection company that inspects each home twice prior to a homeowner taking possession. We were able to to re-visit just a few of the energy efficient features included in a Farnsworth built home at Sunland Springs. We discussed radiant barriers that keep heat gain to minimum, the importance of properly set insulation, and the importance of a fresh air intake system that continuously introduces fresh clean air into the home. It was also neat to see how the inspection company tests the home to make sure that there is minimal air leakage from the home helping to keep a homeowners electric bill to a minimum. Lastly, you should be happy to know that if the home doesn’t pass inspection, they make us do it until its right!

Our sales team at Sunland Springs Village is proud to be associated with such a well built product. If you would like more information on other quality features included in a Farnsworth built home at Sunland Springs please call our sales office at 480-984-4999.

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