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There’s never a dull moment here at Sunland Springs Village!


With dozens of fun and interesting clubs, you’ll probably start taking up new hobbies you never knew you would be interested in! Today we want to cover just a few of the most popular fitness clubs and let you explore the rest on our Activities and Clubs page. Click here to visit that page! 

Golf & Tennis

What better way to stay active than playing golf or tennis all day? Sunland Springs Village is known as the gem of Golf Resort Communities in the Valley. Here at SSV, we are Mesa’s only 27 hole facility! All SSV residents have access to the Tennis and Golf club, book courts, and reserve their spots to play. 


Click here to learn more about the Golf Club and Tennis Club! 



Water Aerobics, Swim, and other Fitness Clubs

Do you love to swim? Do you have a passion for fitness and staying in good shape?!

No worries! There’s a class for every exercise you enjoy! Here’s a list of some of the favorites. Click them to get more details!

Water Aerobics

Swimming Pools

Scuba & Snorkeling

Bocce Ball

Dance Instruction


Line Dancing


retire- yoga


Below is an Aerobics, Yoga, & Zumba schedule!



The SSV Pickleball Club promotes pickleball as a fun activity for its members and the residents of SSV. Our focus is on social interaction through the use of a fun physical activity. The club provides free lessons for new members and SSV residents interested in trying the sport. CLICK HERE for more information about Pickleball in general, the club, and lessons.  




Pet Pal

Do you love to stay active with your furry friends? Take them out for a walk with our Pet Pal club in the SSV dog park! 

Socialize with other pet owners in the community. This is a good chance for you and your pet to make new friends! The Pet Pal club gets together twice a year for winter and summer socials. There are no meetings or dues – just yummy food, prizes, and lots of fun. The club also saves stray pets that are found in the community by trying to find their owners or by finding them new homes.

Click here to learn more! 




 What’s your favorite way to stay fit? Tell us in the comments! 


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