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At Sunland Springs Village, we believe in the importance of maintaining good health, staying active and engaged, especially within our community. You may already know of the below beautiful and scenic sights that lie in the East Valley but there may be some that are new to you. Here are 7 must-see spots: 



1. HOLE IN THE ROCK: Also known as Papago Park. This beautiful par features a series of openings in a small hill which was formed approximately 6-15 million years ago! 


2. DESERT BELLE CRUISE ON SAGUARO LAKE: Kick up your feet and relax at the serene Saguaro Lake while enjoying the desert belle cruise. Explore the exotic wildlife, towering canyon walls and breathtaking desert vistas. 


3. LOST DUTCHMAN STATE PARK: This is one of the most photographed regions in Arizona! Since photos simply do not do the park any justice, it is worth a trip to see in person and experience an inspirational view of the city. Although the hike to the top can be a journey in itself, we believe it’s well worth it!


4. COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE ARIZONA WING AVIATION MUSEUM: If you are a history buff and reside in the Valley, this is something you need to see. The CAF was acquired to acquire, restore and preserve the total collection of combat aircraft that were flown by all military services in the USA. 


5. GOLDFIELD GHOST TOWN: Ziplines, railroads, mine tours, oh my! There is plenty to do in this historic town between the Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield Mountains. Packed full of history, mystery and awe, this is a great locale to take friends and family for a fully day! 


6. CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN: Not only does the shape of the mountain truly resemble the back of a camel, it is a magnificent sight to see that many people hike to see everyday. If you’re looking for a good workout accompanied by beautiful views, the Cholla Trail is for you. 


7. DESERT BOTANICAL GARDEN: Located in the heart of Phoenix that features all kinds of beautiful plants, photography opportunities delicious food and a serene place to walk. This is a must see if you love nature all around and looking for a more low key activity with plenty of visual stimulation. 

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